3 Keys to Success when Embarking on Your Digitalisation Journey
14 November 2018

In the oil & gas industry, IIoT and digitalisation technologies are paving the way to increased profitability and reliability. However, capturing this opportunity does not require a full-scale digital transformation. This paper discusses how to apply these technologies where they will create the most impact, and outlines three keys to success when embarking on your digitalisation journey.

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Drilling for data - The race to digitise upstream oil and gas
1 November 2018

In the second part of PwC’s Strategy& Drilling for Data series, upstream oil and gas executives agree that the need to digitise their businesses is now urgent. But knowing where and how to start can be hard, particularly in an industry where no one has yet managed to completely ‘crack’ the digital transformation challenge.

To find out how upstream companies and oil service companies are approaching this issue, we spoke with a group of chief digital officers and leading executives responsible for digital enablement at six companies.  We asked each of them what they were doing to advance digital solutions and embed digital ways of working. Find out what they had to say with this free report.

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2018 Oil & Gas Trends - Strategy shaped by volatility
4 October 2018

After several years of oversupply, the O&G industry could be moving into a supply crunch. Responding to the vagaries of an over or under supplied market is an ongoing challenge. In the short term, capital discipline, productivity and technology are important. Longer term, portfolios need to be profitable against low break-even prices and overall portfolios need to be secured amid the transition to a low carbon future.

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New technological frontiers in the oil and gas industry
26 September 2018

While the oil and gas industry is making significant bets on a wide range of energy technologies, it is also focusing on digital technologies that promise to transform enterprises as fundamentally as in other sectors.

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Innovation to transform the energy future - How digitalization enables oil and gas operators to transition to a new energy ecosystem
24 August 2018

The oil and gas landscape is changing…

Innovation to transform the energy future is a new Guide from ABB that addresses many of the challenges facing oil and gas operators as they transition to a new energy ecosystem. The world is demanding more energy and consumers are insisting that it be produced and delivered in new ways. As a result, oil and gas operators are rising to address future energy challenges surrounding security, affordability and sustainability. The Guide identifies other key drivers affecting the transition and offers operators advice on how to build their own digital energy strategies.

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Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalisation
21 August 2018

Internet, big data, computational networks, algorithms, and robotics are destined to change the industry. It's high time to embrace change yourself.

  • Are humans making themselves obsolete? - How digitalisation is changing the workplace
  • Destined to Succeed - Digital transformation in the process industry
  • Covestro is setting new standards for digitalisation in the chemical industry
  • Exciting start-up solutions for industry 4.0

Download this paper from T.A. Cook to read more on the impact of digitalisation

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Will the Opec ramp-up help the overly tight market?
16 August 2018

During 2017, the global oil market was in a supply-demand deficit, which was helped by strong global demand growth and supply restraint by OPEC and its allies. This deficit persisted during 2Q 2018, before the decision in June by OPEC and its allies to increase output.

But will this increase in output be enough to balance rising demand and potential supply shocks? In this report, Rystad Energy analyzes the effect of OPEC countries’ production on the global supply, US shale production potential, global oil demand, and other factors impacting global oil market balances.

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EVs & Refining – Friend or Foe?
10 July 2018

A few months ago The World Refining Association asked in a survey to over 20,000 downstream experts how can the refining industry adapt to the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs).
Participants answered questions including:
  • How significant could EVs be for oil demand?
  • Does your company have a strategy in place to adapt to the emergence of EVs?
  • How can refineries adapt to the potential impact of EVs?
With additional insights from industry experts from Concawe and MOL Group, the report provides some enlightenment and contributes to the discussion: EVs - friend or foe?

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