Innovation to transform the energy future - How digitalization enables oil and gas operators to transition to a new energy ecosystem
24 August 2018

The oil and gas landscape is changing…

Innovation to transform the energy future is a new Guide from ABB that addresses many of the challenges facing oil and gas operators as they transition to a new energy ecosystem. The world is demanding more energy and consumers are insisting that it be produced and delivered in new ways. As a result, oil and gas operators are rising to address future energy challenges surrounding security, affordability and sustainability. The Guide identifies other key drivers affecting the transition and offers operators advice on how to build their own digital energy strategies.

Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalisation
21 August 2018

Internet, big data, computational networks, algorithms, and robotics are destined to change the industry. It's high time to embrace change yourself.

  • Are humans making themselves obsolete? - How digitalisation is changing the workplace
  • Destined to Succeed - Digital transformation in the process industry
  • Covestro is setting new standards for digitalisation in the chemical industry
  • Exciting start-up solutions for industry 4.0

Download this paper from T.A. Cook to read more on the impact of digitalisation

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Offshore brownfields: Planning and development
13 August 2018
The big hydrocarbon discoveries make the headlines, but the bread and butter of the oil and gas industry will always be the brownfield sites. Companies are cautiously opening their cheque books and looking for easy returns from long-established and perhaps neglected infrastructure. This paper looks at the hot spots for brownfield investment and changes in approach.
Decommissioning in the North Sea: Fundamentals and financing
2 August 2018
The North Sea is in a period of transition, and decommissioning is in full swing. Financing such projects may seem arduous, but solutions are out there. Take a look at our report into the sector, with input from some industry heavyweights. This report, produced by Petroleum Economist in association with Lloyds Bank, will give you an in-depth understanding of what’s shaping decommissioning in the North Sea – now and in the future. You'll also discover the projects are being produced, and the financial options that make decommissioning a viable plan. Decommissioning in the North Sea: Fundamentals and financing. Download this free report here.
Africa Oil and Gas Report
15 June 2018
How will the sustainability agenda impact development in Africa? In association with Petroleum Economist, Latham & Watkins and Standard Chartered Bank analyse some of the opportunities and challenges facing both producers and financiers, to assess Africa’s changing energy economy.
Energy Web Atlas Downstream Insight Product Overview
9 October 2018

Join our 30-minute overview and live demo webcast on “EWA Downstream Insight Product Overview”. This “Downstream Insight” integrates two flagship offerings from the Data Services Division of Gulf Energy Information. These are our Construction Boxscore database tracking active projects in Gas Processing, Petrochem and Refining; and our “Visualizing Energy Data” Energy Web Atlas application.

Rapid Asset Valuation using SpeedWise® Portfolio Analysis
24 August 2018

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Time: 10-11 AM Central Daylight Time

In this webcast, experts in big data present a new systematic process for the evaluation of oil and gas asset portfolios, where the performance and economic value of the entire portfolio are computed very quickly. The automation of this workflow relies on a proprietary data-driven solution that contains key technological components, including patented mathematical algorithms that analyze information for an entire portfolio of fields, such as decline rates, decline trends, recent well performance, field/well/operator ranking and reserves.  The final deliverable is a fully interactive user-interface (UI) with key performance indicators (KPIs) that allows the user to review the history, current condition and expected future performance of the portfolio.  This technology has been effectively used in the valuation of oil and gas portfolios for M&A, asset evaluations for A&D, and to prioritize future investments by obtaining a high-level, up-to-date understanding of all assets in a portfolio.


Dr. David Castiñeira, CTO & VP, Quantum Technologies & Automation at QRI
Ruth Black, Team Leader, Corporate Analytics at QRI


Craig Fleming, Technical Editor, World Oil

Energy Web Atlas LNG Demo
23 August 2018

The Energy Web Atlas is your definitive source for project intelligence.

With comprehensive datasets covering liquefied natural gas, pipelines, gas processing plants and renewable energy, the Energy Web Atlas gives users project intelligence, facility information and contact details for key personnel.

Attend the webcast to watch Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor with Energy Web Atlas, demonstrate an in-depth view of the LNG layer of the Energy Web Atlas.

Asia-Pacific LNG Map, 2nd edition
31 May 2018

A detailed map of the region's current and future LNG import and export projects, plotted alongside comprehensive data on supply, demand and project finance to provide authoritative graphical analysis of the sector.

View Map
Oil & Gas Map of The Gulf of Mexico, 2018 edition
30 April 2018

Three years of oil auctions have now set the stage for an exploration drilling boom in Mexico, that should bring billions of dollars of investment into the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. This map compares the United States and Mexican sides of the maritime boundary.

View Map
Petroleum Economist glossary

The Petroleum Economist glossary is a comprehensive tool built to enable readers to better understand oil and gas markets.